Tourism inside out

Together we count over 100 years of operational experience in Tourism and Hospitality, working with the best brands of the trade. Planning, promoting, selling, booking, hosting, delighting, troubleshooting, billing - we have done it all. We know the challenges and needs which tourism and hospitality professionals face to achieve the best results with the given resources. And most likely we can help.

Who will be by your side

We are a society of consultants which combines talent in big data analysis, new media and business & administration with one factor in common: an everlasting passion and extensive operational experience in Hospitality.

José Maia

Product Development in Hospitality
Destination Development

Rami Aziz

Hotel Marketing
Hotel Operations
Mergers and Aquisitions

Paulo Gervásio

Hotel Operations
F&B Product Development and Operations

Market Studies

We dig deeper. We deepen the traditional demographic and behavioural analysis, by studying the attitudes, interests and opinions of effective and latent users. We look into their habits, fears, aspirations and values which offer a deep and integer insight on who they are and how to communicate with and to serve them better. Starting with the information gathered and the conclusions produced by the market study, our marketing research materialises insights into procedures, campaigns and actions which engage the benefits most valued by the demand to the destination or business attributes which more efficiently meet these benefits.

Customer Journey

dreaming > planning > booking >experiencing> sharing All the customers go through this cycle using a variety of networks, platforms, engines with specific needs at each point of contact. This is where our clients want to be, holding the right message for each of the stages of their travellers. Learning where they are and their timing and mindset at each of the stages is the starting point to convert dreamers into planners, planners into bookers, bookers into travellers and travellers into brand advocates.

Data Science in Hospitality and Tourism

Today’s organizations have an overwhelming chaos of data available to them. “Big Data” is revolutionizing hospitality business by applying hospitality marketing research principles to mine huge data sets, and our clients are reaping results and gaining competitive advantages in innovative ways. In this service statistical methods are applied to measure and predict traveller preferences and to develop perceptual maps to position your clients’ destinations and businesses based on traveller perceptions. Our data-driven marketing research offers our clients solid premises to align teams in improving service, sales, market share, and margins.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation is today one of the main drivers of rates, brand value and asset value. With immediate effect, greater online reputation generates more demand volume, more trust and more willingness-to-pay, enhancing Key Performance Indicators such as Average Daily Rate, Occupancy, Revenue per Available Room, Revenue per Available Guest, arrivals or Revenue per Available Seat Mile. Moreover, in the mid-to-long-term, Online Reputation has a critical influence in the managing or franchising brand value just as on the asset value. Mining the right data, asking the right questions and analysing it into the right conclusions provide the needed insights to be materialised into field work for a coherent performance and reputation across the multiple user generated content platforms with little impact on operational costs.

The GMT Hospitality Method.

1 The process begins with the evaluation of the challenge the touristic market imposes to clients and its goals. Frequently businesses share with us growth or performance challenges. Growth challenges are present in metrics such as accommodation capacity or accessibilities, market coverage rate, market penetration rate, recruitment and financing, while performance challenges are evident in metrics such as occupation rate, average rate, RevPAR, RevPAG, average ticket price, staffing levels, reservations acquisition cost and Global Review Index. On the other hand, destinations dare us with challenges with impact on their arrivals, overnight stays, load capacity, positioning and governance.

2 In the following stage, we explore exhaustively the raison d'être of the industry: the tourist. We resort to every available data source crucial to solve our clients needs and challenges and we guarantee the reliability and coherence of this data. We deeply analyse the customer profile and its customer journey, that is, its traveller journey. We identify market segments and we build personas to reinforce the resources alignment in a customer-centered strategy.

3 We put in practice our insights with an implementation strategy and set of actions assessed by our team. We monitor the initially established metrics to register our clients success – the best metric of our own success. The governance policy of GMT Hospitality establishes that the reinvestment in Development & Investigation is preferencial in the application of the business results.